Rough Indigo Gabbro (Mystic Merlinite)

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This listing is for a select quantity of rough Indigo Gabbro

Stones vary 1”-3” in size

(First few photos are the stone when wet. This shows the form that will be expressed when polished, it shows the true beauty of the stone)

Mined from Madagascar, this stone has an incredible array of colors, from light indigo to black. Also known as Mystic Merlin.

Gabbro refers to a large group of dark igneous rock made of silicate that’s rich in iron and magnesium.
It’s usually a black stone with grey-colored mottling which can be polished to a high shine, similar to the April Birthstone.

When you hold this stone in the sunlight, you will also see that it has a kind of violet iridescence that’s beautiful and unique.